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Scan and Repair Outlook PST File

Then, this is the right place where you will get sufficient information regarding the PST file corruption and the correct solution to your problem as well.

Unable to fix the Outlook PST file by using Inbox repair tool? Getting error messages while trying to run Scanpst.exe?

PST file contains all the Outlook data such as email messages, calendars, contacts, journals, notes, appointments, tasks and other information regarding MS Outlook. If any type of damage occurs in the PST file, then the entire Outlook data become inaccessible to the user.

Inbox repair tool and its limitations:

Inbox repair Tool or scanpst.exe is an application provided by Microsoft along with the Office suite. By default it will be located in your Program files. Though the Inbox repair tool is mainly provided to fix the corrupted PST file, it still has some limitations. The Inbox repair tool can only fix the simple corruption cases such as PST file corruption related to header issues. It cannot repair intensely damaged PST file such as PST file corrupted due to oversize or due to Virus attack etc. Therefore, the Inbox repair tool fails to repair the PST file in such cases, leaving the user in disgust.

Recommended Solution:

You can come out of such situation with the help of effective PST Scan tools available in market which is capable of fixing severely corrupted PST file even when the Inbox repair tool fails. Read further to know the key features of the PST Scan tool because of which it is recommended by most of the Industry Experts.

Following are some PST file corruption scenarios where the Inbox repair tool fails to fix the corrupted PST file

  • If you have deleted emails accidentally: If you have unintentionally deleted some important emails and want to recover them, then the Inbox repair tool will not be helpful in this case. However, a PST scan tool can help you out in such scenario.
  • PST file corrupted due to oversize: The PST file in Microsoft Outlook has certain size limits according to the Outlook version. PST file having size more than the specified size limit easily gets corrupted. If you will use scanpst.exe in such case, then you will get an error message like “Fatal Error 80040900” which indicates that the Inbox repair tool is unable to fix such kind of PST file corruption. Such type of PST file corruptions can be easily fixed by using a PST Scan Tool.
  • Severely Corrupted PST file: The Inbox repair tool also fails to repair severely damaged PST file. In such cases you will get an error message like An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned filewhile trying to fix the PST file using the Inbox repair tool.

The PST file can be severely damaged due to several reasons like

  • Sharing of the PST file over a network
  •  Improper system shutdown or instant power failure while the PST file is still in use
  • Error in importing the PST file after Outlook upgradation
  • Interference of the Anitvirus program in the send receive process
  • An error encountered while compressing the PST file in order to avoid the PST file corruption due to the large size

Key Features of PST Scan Tool

This software rescues important Outlook data by fixing the corrupted PST file. It can repair intensely damaged PST file even when the Inbox repair tool fails. A PST Scan tool can easily repair the PST file corrupted due to any of the above cases by providing smart scan method. It can even fix Outlook 2007 PST file after ScanPST stops at phase 7. The software scans the corrupted PST file, identifies the problem and fixes it by creating a healthy PST file. Sometimes, MS Outlook throws errors due to severe PST file corruption. In such case, this software repair Microsoft Outlook 2010 PST file after ScanPST fails to fix errors. Usage of this software is extremely safe and risk free as compared to the Inbox repair tool as well as any other PST Scan tool. This is because; the software performs read only operation to the PST file during the repair procedure by keeping its original content intact. From this passage you will also be able to know how to repair Scanpst.exe in Outlook after the inbox repair tool fails to fix corrupted PST file on different versions of Outlook program. Archiving emails is the best way to prevent mails from corruption but sometimes due to certain reasons the PST file may get corrupted & you may be unable to access emails. You can fix the PST file & recover archived emails by using this software. This software also provides demo version to evaluate the software’s performance.

Outlook 2007 is one of the most liked application that is used for sending mails to various employees within the organization. Developed with outstanding features the user can not only send mails but also perform various other tasks as required. Sometimes large sized emails are archived to reduce the size of the PST file so that it become easy to send & receive mails & also to prevent from corruption. As accidents keep happening often, the archived folder present in the Outlook application gets damaged if you use do not compress it correctly & as a result the user cannot access his account. With the help of the PST scan tool you can easily fix and gain access to the account.

Calendars are one of the important attributes of Outlook application that can be used to give reminders about fixed appointments, scheduling meetings & so on. But if anything happens to PST file of the Outlook profile then it becomes difficult to access Calendar reminders. By using this software you can fix this problem. You can just download the demo version and estimate the recovery chances.

You can buy the full version of this software after you are satisfied with the demo version’s performance.

However, you need to follow some precautionary steps in order to avoid permanent loss of the PST file which are mentioned below.

Steps to be followed after the PST file is corrupted

  • Do not try to access the Outlook data repeatedly after the PST file is corrupted because; it may modify the PST file leading to permanent loss of the PST file.
  • Generally, the PST file will be there in the C drive of your computer’s hard drive. Therefore, do not write any new data into that drive in order to avoid permanent loss of Outlook data.
  • Never install the software on the drive / partition which contains the corrupted PST file in order to avoid permanent loss of PST file. Therefore, you can install the software in any other drive / partition which does not contain PST file or any other Outlook data.

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How to repair corrupted PST file using PST Scan Tool?

  1. Download and Install the demo version of PST Scan Tool. After successful launch you’ll get a welcome screen containing three different options like “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Select option that matches you data loss scenario
  2. PST Scan Tool - Main Window

    Figure A. Main Screen

  3. Select the corrupted PST file to be scanned and repaired using “Browse” button
  4. PST Scan Tool - Select PST File

    Figure B. Select PST File

  5. You can view all the recovered Outlook data with their respective attributes after the repairing process is completed. You can also save the recovered Outlook data to any location on your hard drive in case you are using the full version of this software.
  6. PST Scan Tool - Recovered Outlook Data

    Figure C. Preview

Tips to avoid PST file corruption in future

  • Always backup your Outlook data properly so that you can restore them from the backup files if anything happens to the Outlook data.
  • The large PST file can be split into small partitions in order to avoid PST file corruption due to the large size.
  • You can also enable Auto archive option to compress the large sized PST file to avoid PST file corruption. In case Auto archive fails to work, you can troubleshoot the problem easily using Outlook instruction.